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Veterinary Entomology

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This website is produced as an extension service of the USDA S1060 Multistate Research and Extension Project to provide information on the biology and management of animal ectoparasites (flies, lice, ticks, mites, fleas). Contributors include extension and experiment station faculty at universities across the United States.


Most common pests 


House FlyHouse Fly

House flies can be a nuisance when large numbers of flies disperse from fly development sites (e.g., animal facilities or waste management facilities) and accumulate in areas where they impact human activities. Conflicts can arise between animal operations and nearby homeowners leading to economic loss from lawsuits citing flies as a nuisance. Typically, a proactive fly management program and a good relationship with regional health agencies... Read more

Stable Fly Stable Fly

When stable fly numbers are high, they have been shown to reduce weight gains and feed efficiency in confined and grazing beef cattle, and may similarly affect milk production in dairy cows. It is estimated that significant economic losses can be expected when the number of stable flies on cattle exceeds 5 flies per leg. The overall economic loss to North American livestock producers due to stable flies is estimated to be over $2 billion annually. Read more

Northern Fowl Mite Northern Fowl Mite

When mite numbers are high, NFM can cause measurable stress to birds and can be a nuisance to workers. In extreme infestations, up to 6% of blood can be drained daily causing birds to become anemic or even die by exsanguination. Mites are more problematic in egg layer and breeder operations, where birds are maintained long term. Young birds entering egg production in particular support high NFM numbers. Read more


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