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Prevent parasites in your poultry flock

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Prevent parasites in your poultry flock

By Alec Gerry | May 25, 2017

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Do you find yourself throwing away eggs after treating your flock for internal parasites? Although it’s nearly impossible to keep your chickens completely worm-free year-round, proper management can help prevent parasite issues in your flock.

Why should you care about worms in your birds?

Worm, or parasite, infestations can cause poor growth, decreased egg production and in severe cases, death. Internal parasites can also make a flock more susceptible to diseases or make existing diseases worse.[1]

Backyard birds can easily ingest internal parasite eggs while scratching the ground and foraging for bugs, including snails, slugs, grasshoppers, ants and earthworms. Insects can also harbor parasite eggs, which infect your birds when ingested.

If your birds are not behaving normally and seem distant from the rest of the flock, it could be a sign of parasites causing illness. Pay close attention to your birds for additional symptoms of internal parasites:

  • Appetite loss
  • Weight loss
  • Watery droppings
  • Dehydration
  • Hens stop laying
  • Separation from the rest of the flock
  • Balance and coordination loss due to weakness
  • Poor feather quality
  • Dull combs, wattles and eyes

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