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Insect Pests of Animals

Pests of Swine

Pests of Swine



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Stable Fly

Hog louse (Haematopinus suis [L.])

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House Fly

House fly (Musca domestica L.)

The house fly (Musca domestica) is a cosmopolitan pest of humans and domestic animals. House flies are generally found in greatest numbers during the hotter summer months. While commonly associated with animal facilities, house flies can also be common in urban areas where garbage, particularly food waste, is not well managed. Read more...


Mosquitoes (Culicidae)

The blood feeding habits of mosquitoes has a significant impact on the health and quality of life for humans, pets and livestock. In some developing countries, individuals can receive 50 to 100 bites per night! When poorly managed, significant numbers of biting mosquitoes will negatively affect economies that depend on outdoor... Read More

Moth Fly

Moth fly (Psychodidae)

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Stable Fly

Stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans L.)

The stable fly is one of the most serious pests of confined livestock. In many areas it is becoming a more serious pest of pastured cattle as well, associated with hay waste residues from the large, round hay bales fed in pastures. Adult stable flies of both sexes require frequent blood meals (often daily) and feed preferentially on the lower body... Read more

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